Restoration of the Fortitude Sea Cutter

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Restoration of the Fortitude Sea Cutter


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My best schoolmaster is the Moray Firth

Kurt Hahn

The sea and in particular the Moray Firth has been synonymous with Gordonstoun since Kurt Hahn founded the school in 1933. Over the years students and staff have sailed on a number of vessels around the shores of the UK and beyond but one type of boat which has been with us almost uninterrupted, is the cutter.

The original cutters – Mansfield Cumming and May Cumming were left in Wales after the war. The next two were commissioned in 1947 & 1949 respectively. They were replaced in 1967 by Fortitude and Tenacity who ably served the School until being replaced 40 years later by North Star & Pole Star. Fortitude although no longer seaworthy still resides at Gordonstoun amongst the seasonal craft that we launch mainly in the summer months.

What we would like to do, before it is too late, is to restore her to stunning best and put her on permanent display as a reminder to members of the Gordonstoun community and visitors alike of the valuable and enduring contribution that training in the open sea and the manning of cutters has had on a Gordonstoun education. The cost for this restoration is in the region of £5,000.

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