A New Addition to the Canoe Fleet

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A New and Needed Addition to the Canoe Fleet


GREAT NEWS! We've received enough donations to buy a new canoe! Additional donations made now will go towards helping us to grow our fleet further with additional canoes. Although we've met our goal of £1000, we're still welcoming donations to this project!.
So far we've raised £1100, so we're already 10% of the way to ordering a second canoe. Thank you for all your support so far!

Perhaps only at Gordonstoun School could a canoe become worn out. But it’s not surprising. Our Canadian canoes, like similar ones before them, have been paddled by many -- up and down Scottish lochs, rivers and coastline. Canoeing is more than a skill – it teaches much. This fleet is instrumental in expeditions and also helping our students achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

The time has come to replace at least one this year. The Venture Prospector 165 is an excellent canoe for wilderness expeditions or white water trips and so it’s perfect for Gordonstoun. The cost for a canoe and buoyancy bags is £1000.

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