Safely Stored but ready to be revealed – Film Archive

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Safely Stored but ready to be revealed – Film Archive


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The Gordonstoun archive has in its collection almost 150 pieces of film, ranging from reel to reel film to VHS and Betamax tapes; film about Gordonstoun, and made by Gordonstoun. Many of these are unseen footage, and, as such are treasures waiting to be revealed. A piece of film transferred to DVD in 2008 revealed a previously unseen film of the expedition to Norway aboard the Henrietta in 1936; Prince Philip was the ‘lamp trimmer’ on this voyage.

We would like to be able to transfer all this film to Archive quality DVD, and create a ‘Film Archive’.  Screens within a ‘viewing pod’, together with multiple headphones, would also form part of the new Archive and Learning Space at Round Square. This important work will provide much greater access for the entire Gordonstoun community to enjoy those remarkable stories waiting to be revealed in our archive. The cost of transferring these formats to archive quality DVD is in the region of £10,000.

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