Caring For Your Child

"There is a strong family style of care present at all times.  The staff at the Junior School manage to treat all the children as special and valued individuals, recognising a strength and quality in every child at the School"

Parent of Pupils in Year 4 and 8

The Head of the Junior School and his wife work closely with all staff to ensure that the welfare of every pupil is carefully and sympathetically monitored.

At least two adults are resident in the building at any time.

At the Junior School we pride ourselves on creating a kind and caring atmosphere where empathy towards others is actively encouraged in a homely boarding environment.


Boarders live in modern and comfortable rooms shared by a maximum of seven pupils. There are eleven rooms altogether all named after famous Scottish Castles.

Each girl and boy has his or her own cabin bed, which they can decorate and fill with their own things to create a real home-from-home atmosphere.

Weekend and summer activities

Life for boarders is full, during and outside Term time.

Typical weekend activities for boarders include

During summer, children can enjoy the weekends and long evenings practising summer sports, riding bicycles or playing outdoors.

Day pupils and boarders share equal status and enjoy exactly the same opportunities. There is a member of staff with special responsibility for day pupils' needs.

The News section regularly updates the many activities that take place at the School.

Travel to and from the Junior School

We arrange safe and reliable collection from, and delivery to, our two local airports, Aberdeen and Inverness.

Where possible we make travel arrangements to enable the children to keep each other company on their journeys.

English as an Additional Language

The Junior School has a long tradition of welcoming children from all over the world.Some, for whom English is not their first language, can benefit from dedicated teaching of English as an Additional Language if they wish. Equally, they learn from joining in with the many activities – academic, artistic, cultural and sporting – which are part of life at the Junior School.

Latest News & Alerts

The Gordonstoun Garden Party
The Gordonstoun Garden Party

The inaugural Gordonstoun Garden Party took place recently in beautiful sunny conditions.

Open Day
Open Day

There was a welcome and much applauded change to the running order this year for Open Weekend as the Junior School Open Day events on Friday were included in the programme

News from the Junior School - Week 6
News from the Junior School - Week 6

Read the latest news from the Junior School - A Royal Celebration, UK Maths Challenge Success and How's That?

Inter-House Triathlon
Inter-House Triathlon

The inter-House Triathlon represents all that is best about the Gordonstoun curriculum.

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