Girl's Hockey News

2016-2017 Season

All reports by Mr Wilson (senior teams) and Miss Desmond (junior teams) unless otherwise stated

2 February

Senior XI vs Quasar Hockey Club

The girls' senior squad had their first match and run out of the term against Quasar HC. The team started slowly abd despite not playing together for a while and with some new faces in the squad, they quickly got into their stride. They started to move the ball quickly and create some good attacking opportunities which were turned into three good goals and a real positive was the amount of circle entries and outcomes the girls created. Fnal Score: Gordonstoun 3 Quasar HC 1

Inter-House Hockey Competition
The junior girls' competition was played on Friday 9 December. This was a great competition as the first match saw Plewlands beating Hopeman 5-0 then, in the second match, Windmill beat Hopeman 7-0 leaving the last match between Windmill and Plewlands as the crunch match. It was a very tight final match with Iona McV scoring the decisive and winning goal for Windmill. Congratulations to all girls who took part in a lovely afternoon of junior hockey.

Final result: 1st - Windmill Lodge; 2nd - Plewlands; 3rd - Hopeman

The senior competition was played on Sunday 11 December . The first match saw Hopeman beat Plewlands 4-0 and then a great match between Windmill and Hopeman saw a result of 0-0. This left the last match between Plewlands and Windmill with Windmill needing to score 4 goals to tie and 5 to win. They came very close by scoring 3 but it wasn’t enough and Hopeman was crowned the champions. Again well done to all involved in what was a high quality afternoon of girls' hockey.

Final result: 1st - Hopeman; 2 - Windmill Lodge; 3 - Plewlands

10 December
The girls 2nd XI started their match against Aberdeen Grammar School(AGS) brightly with some quick passing and moving off the ball. The girls dominated possession, continually attacking the opposition circle but were unable to convert this into goals although Megan H did score a well taken one just before half time. The second half was a great performance as Dora D scored a lovely finish from a tight angle to make it two and then Katie C made it three with a great short corner strike with the last play of the game. This capped off a great season for the girls. Well done to all involved on a great season.

The U15s dominated the match against AGS throughout and played some excellent hockey. The team attacked the 'D' brilliantly together, having all the areas covered, scoring some well worked goals. A special mention for Charlie K, in her last match for Gordonstoun, after contributing brilliantly to the team and training, scored an excellent goal. Mai Mai and Katie W also contributed to the score sheet, with some exciting goals - a touch in mid-air to the back of the net for Katie was a definite highlight. The defence also contributed to the match with some tight marking and good distribution up the pitch. Overall a fantastic game was had by all with some great teamwork, showing that all the effort put in from the beginning of term has paid off. 

The U14s started with some brilliant passing hockey and communication. The team worked excellently together for the last game of the season. The team dominated the match throughout scoring some great goals. Katy M, Flora H, Edita A, Lara and Elgin all contributed to the score sheet. Jessie led the defence, in tackling and distribution when called upon and kept the game in the opposition half. Overall a great game was had by all, showing that all the hard work in training throughout the season was worthwhile. 

26 November
The 1st XI started the game against Albyn with real purpose and intensity, creating a large number of scoring opportunities which they didn’t make use of. As the first half went on Megan H scored the team’s first goal. Iona M and Dom S, both Year 10, were making their First XI debuts and felt right at home, linking up really well with all the other girls. Albyn managed to score against the run of play and the scores were even at half time. The second half started very brightly and Catherine P scored in the first two minutes followed by Dom S scoring a great reverse stick finish. The foot was on the gas and Catherine P scored again and with the last play of the game Charlie K scored a very well taken drag flick from the last short corner to make the final score 5-1 to Gordonstoun. Some lovely, quick flowing and attacking hockey was played and the team are building nicely towards their final performance of the season against Robert Gordon's College.

10 November
The U15s travelled down to Edinburgh to play their second round Cup match against a very tough George Watson’s side.  The game started at a very fast pace and pushed the girls into playing some very good defensive hockey. Luisa Z had a fantastic game in defence, making solid consistent tackles. Luisa B in goal also had a phenomenal game, making great saves and keeping the girls in the game. The girls worked hard together, with year 9s Flora H and Katie M stepping up and working hard in midfield.  At half time they had only conceded one goal and started the second half with a very positive attitude. Unfortunately in second half, Watson’s stepped up once again and we conceded two goals in a short period of time. The girls performed extremely well and it gives us a brilliant foundation for the last few games of the term.

9 November
The team travelled for the quarater finals of the Scottish Plate match. They started the game well, with a good mind set and tactically were prepared for what Loretto had to offer. The girls worked tirelessly hard in turning over the ball and creating some good attacking opportunities, with Isla G and Kim O putting good shots on target. Loretto scored from the third phase at a short corner but that didn’t stop Gordonstoun from wanting to go forward. The second half saw both teams trying to get outcomes in the outside channels and this resulted in a very open second half. However, Loretto managed to score two late goals to record the 3-0 win which, sadly, meant the end of their cup run for the Gordonstoun girls. The team performed extremely well and really have stepped up their play over the last two weeks and this bodes well for the remaining three matches of  the term.

5 November

The team started the match superbly well and scored the opening goal of the game in the first two minutes with a great run down the right flank by Catherine P, who drove the baseline and slipped it to Issy M who slotted the ball home past the keeper. The girls matched Glenalmond all the way and pressed and pressurised their defenders, playing quick counter attack Hockey, which was proving very successful. Glenalmond hit back with a well taken short corner to take the scores level at 1-1 at the break. Second half was again about the team working extremely hard defensively with Kim O reading the game very well and intercepting the Glenalmond attacking threats. Unfortuneatly Glenalmond scored two more well taken goals to finish 3-1 victors. This was a superb display from the 1stXI as everyone raised their level of performance as well as the intensity of the game. 

The 2nd XI started their match very brightly and almost converted an early chance which went just wide of the goal. It was two good , well matches teams who were playing good , quick, attacking hockey and with Tash M making some great saves to keep us in the game. They scored with a well taken corner to go into half time with the score 0-1 to Glenalmond. Second half Gordonstoun pushed hard for the equalizing goal but sadly pushed to high up the pitch thus letting them score to go 2-0 ahead. The end results was 0-2 but it was another team performance which the girls can be very proud of.

The U15s had an excellent match against a good Glenalmond side. The match was a real team effort with every single girl working hard from defence to attack. Mai Mai M scored the first goal just before half time, giving us great confidence for the second half. Glenalmond then equalised early in the second half with the game remaining a tense draw until the last 5 minutes when Dom S scored, from some very well worked attacking play. A fantastic game was had by all, with the defence working hard as a unit with strong tackles, and the forwards with some brilliant movement and passing.

The U14s started the match well, against a strong Glenalmond side. Although the team were missing some key players, the girls worked really well together and held off the Glenalmond attack for 19 minutes before they conceded a goal. After half time, we lost our goal keeper due to injury and Jessie G stepped up to ‘kicking back’ and had an exceptional second half with some brilliant tackles. The girls did not give up and in the last 10 minutes Katie R scored a goal. Overall this was a good game.

9 October: Independent Schools Tournament

Results: vs Loretto 0-2 Loss
               vs Dollar 0-3 Loss
               vs Fettes 0-2 Loss

The squad stayed down overnight in Musselburgh for the Independent School’s Tournament hosted by Loretto.

The First match was against Loretto where the team played really well and created some good attacking opportunities as well as defeding like Trojans but it was not to be as Lorreto managed to score two well taken field  goals to give the victory.

The second match was against the eventual winners Dollar Academy. They were up against a strong, fit and skilful Dollar team whose personal skills were of a very high standard. The girls did everything they could and fought valiantly throughout the match but Dolllar were able to score three field goals. This meant that the team were now playing for positions 5 and 6 and had their last match against Fettes.

As tiredness and fatigue sank in the team again produced a great resilient match but Fettes managed to score two goals to claim fifth place and therefore Gordonstoun finished sixth.

Well done to the entire squad with lots of positives to take away from the day as the standard of hockey from all the teams was exceptionally high. The squad learnt a huge amount and it was a good way to finish off the first half of term, which sets up the team nicely for another busy second half of term.

8 October
The 1st XI took on a strong and powerful Strathallan team down at Strathallan. From the start the team worked hard in midfield to try and turn over the Strathallan ball. Defensively Strathallan asked questions of our defenders by attacking the right channel. Gordonstoun fought hard but over the course of the game the Strathallan team took their chances well and were able to break extremely quickly into the final third. The team never gave up trying and took away some very good lessons in how to attack quickly from the counter attack. Final Score: Strathallan 7 Gordonstoun 0.

The 2nd XI were back to their full strength squad for what was to be a difficult game against a strong Strathallan side. From the start the defensive had to work hard with constant attacks from Strathallan, helped by the midfield they only conceded two goals. After half time the girls dug in and fought hard but conceded two more goals. However, the girls did not give up and waited until the last 5 minutes to score two well worked goals from the left channel, by Betsy and Isla M. The team worked really hard together and put in a great team 

The U15A team against a strong and  organised team and struggled to get a stranglehold on the game early on. The team kept working after conceding an early goal but in the second half tiredness set in and a couple of goals were conceded towards the end of the match.

The U15B team played with passion and heart as they came up against a strong team. They never gave up throughout the whole match and were helped by some good defensive play but unfortunately were unable to keep out the goals. A good team effort form the girls.

6 October
The girls started the match against Inverness Royal Academy very well, playing with a slightly different team than they were used to, with some new people stepping up. The team played well together building simple passes from the defence through the attack, scoring a good team goal. In the second half Inverness put pressure on our defence but with some great tackles the girls remained in the lead and won the game. 

5 October
The girls started the game against Loretto with great passion and drive. They were taking on a very strong Loretto side for the first round of the cup. The defence were made to work hard from the start with some great tackles from Luisa Z and Jess G. There was also some great attacking play from Iona McV, Katie M and Mai Mai M with two goals from Charlie K and Dom S, enabling us to level the score before halftime at 2-2. After half time the girls worked hard to keep the score level, unfortunately conceding two more goals in last 10 minutes. A great match was had by all giving us a very positive outlook for the Plate competition. 

4 October 
The 2nd XI started the match agaist Charleston Academy brightly with the team playing some good, attacking hockey in both the left and right hand channels. It was a great opportunity for a number of girls who were making their debuts for the 2nd XI and they enjoyed themselves while helping the team to go two goals ahead by the end of the first half.  In the second half Charleston stepped up their play and put more pressure onto our defence and they scored two well taken goals to earn a 2-2 draw, which was a fair result in the end.

For the U15 B team’s first match this season they played very well against a more experienced Charleston side. Although we conceded two goals, we had some great attack from Esther F pressurising the Charleston defence. We also had a couple of new players who stepped up their game, including Polina T in defence. A good first match for the team, providing us with plenty of things to work on throughout the season.

The U14 B team took on a very strong Charleston ‘A’ team for their very first match together. After struggling at the beginning to get a hold of the match the girls worked very hard together, and began to build a good defence. The girls constantly improved and put great effort into the game. Unfortunately we were unable to keep out the goals but the match gave us a very positive start to a new team.

29 September
The 1st XI drew Fettes in the first round of the Open Scottish Cup and Fettes travelled up to us to play the game. The game started really well with both teams trying to control possession and it was a tightly fought contest in midfield, with Kimberley O, Annie J , Charlotte K and Sam S working very hard to turn over the Fettes ball. Defensively Holly H, Valerie K, Sarah M and Sophie H worked really hard to link with the midfielders. Up front all of the forwards were worked tirelessly hard to press and break down the opposition ball higher up the pitch. Fettes took their chances but Gordonstoun created some good attacking outcomes in the final third but they were unable to score. The team has taken some good points from the match to work on over the next week. They now move into the Plate competition.

28 September
The U15s started the match against Dingwall with some excellent passing hockey and communication. The team attacked the 'D' brilliantly together, having all the areas covered, and Mai Mai in a great position for deflecting the ball into the goal. The defence did not have much to do in this game, but they did absorb any pressure that came their way and distributed the ball well to midfield. In the second half, with a change in formation and new pressing techniques, Iona, Dom and Charlie linked brilliantly together building the teams score to an 8-0 lead. Overall a great game was had by all, indicating a very positive season ahead.

The U14s match started with some good controlled hockey. This was only the second time the team had played, and with a couple of debuts, the team worked really well together. Dingwall came with a very strong side and the defence had some hard work to do in this game, however Jessie G led the defence with her excellent tackling and distribution. We scored first from some great passing and running by Katy M and Abbie M. Dingwall then equalised, but we kept are heads up and after half time came back to a 4-2 win. Overall a good game had by all, providing us with ideas and skills to work on as a team. Well done to all involved.

26 September
This match against Quasars was a perfect opportunity after Leave-out weekend to build for the Cup match against Fettes. The team started slowly, with personal skills and communication letting the girls down in the first two 20 minute Thirds. The final third, saw everything click into place and the team started to move the ball quicker, with width and height being created by the half backs and the forwards. The team scored 6 goals in the space of 7 minutes which put a nice finishing touch to the preparation for the Cup match.

13 September
The 2nd XI started the game against Dingwall with some good hockey and communication, although it took time to get used to a different surface of 4G which slowed the ball down dramatically. The year 10s who had been called up to play, Iona M and Dom S, fitted in really well and played some excellent attacking hockey, scoring our first goal. After half time Dingwall came back strongly levelling the game 1-1, at this point the entire team stepped up their game, playing some good simple hockey. We then took back the lead and making the final score 2-1. Overall this was a good match and gives us a good foundation for future games. Well done to all involved. 

10 September
The 1st XI started the game against Albyn School with real promise and scored a very well taken goal by Issy M in the first three minutes which settled the girls into a good attacking rhythm and pattern of play. The team quickly scored their second goal with another well taken opportunity worked in closely  by Catherine P.  This gave the girls the confidence to move the ball quickly and defensively, marshalled superbly by Holly H and Sophie H. The second half started with the team scoring another good opportunity by Camille L. Albyn came back strongly and stepped up their pressure on the ball but the girls coped with this extremely well with Tash M making some important saves at key times during the second half. This was a good team performance with four team members making their 1s tXI debuts and, with just small things to work on, the team is progressing very nicely. 

The 2nd XI started off the match playing some good, controlled hockey with the ball moving up and down the pitch at a good rate. Both teams were working very hard to build up their attacking play with Ellie C, Katie C, Alina J and Norma K working very hard in midfield. In the second half Albyn scored against the run of play with Gordonstoun having a goal disallowed then Albyn quickly moving the ball up field to score. Gordonstoun showed tremendous fight and got the deserved equalizing goal with one minute left to play! Overall a good match in which everyone put in some great work. Well done to all involved.

3 September
The Senior Hockey Squad had their final pre-season training match against St Margaret’s at home on the astro. The team played four, twenty minute quarters in which they worked on certain patterns of play and different pressing types. The end result was a 2-2 draw with some good open, quick paced, attacking and free flowing hockey with some great teamwork included. This was great preparation for the team as both the 1st and 2nd XIs tackle Albyn next week in Aberdeen. 

The U15 XI had their first competitive match of the season against a local club side, Quasar HC. From the start the girls moved the ball quickly and used the width of the pitch to their advantage, thus creating some good attacking opportunities which were being finished off in the circle. The team started to form some good combinations and their teamwork was good for the first game of the season. It was a very encouraging start to the season and the team certainly has a huge amount of potential. 

29 August
The girls pre-season training got off to very positive start with 16 keen, energetic girls ready to tackle the weekend ahead. First up on the Friday evening, were stick and ball tests and fitness tests. Saturday morning was about looking after their individual skills as well as building these into gameplay in preparation for the first training match against Quasar HC in the afternoon. This practice match was a very valuable exercise as the girls played 80 competitive minutes and it was great to see how the team improved their match play as the game went on. The team finished the match off really well with a 5-2 scoreline, achieving their objectives for the first day. Sunday was looking at the defensive side of the girls games and how we could implement this into the final match again against Quasar. The team played some superb hockey, with everything linking into place nicely and the team taking some good valuable lessons away from the match. Overall it was a fantastic pre-season in which the girls worked extremely hard in an enjoyable and fun environment and the squad bonded extremely well together. My special  thanks go to Miss Desmond, who has just joined the staff, for putting in lots of hard work with the girls and we are very much looking forward to the upcoming season.

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