To think, believe and act as an international citizen is a fundamental objective of a Gordonstoun education.

We promote internationalism:

In the Student body

Set in Scotland, with a broadly British educational background, Gordonstoun has, at any one time, students of over 40 nationalities: approximately a third of the School population. This broad mix of people and cultures promotes acceptance, tolerance and appreciation of difference.

This ethos is further enhanced and fostered by the Gordonstoun International Summer School, which attracts over 250 students from many countries each year.

In the Classroom

Internationalism is reinforced through the curriculum. All students in both Junior and Senior Schools take the specially designed Gordonstoun course in International and Spiritual Citizenship (ISC). It combines spiritual development, health education, environmental issues, civics and life skills in an international context.

If required, we provide academic support in English as a Second Language at all levels, leading to certificated exams required by universities throughout the world.

Through Round Square

In 1966 Round Square was founded in, and named after, the fascinating circular building at Gordonstoun.

Round Square is a worldwide association of over 60 schools, sharing a commitment to personal development and responsibility through:

It provides opportunities for students to participate in global and regional conferences and helps students to undertake exchanges and projects.

Learn more about Round Square.



Latest News & Alerts

80 Years in 80 Days
80 Years in 80 Days

This year Gordonstoun is celebrating its 80th anniversary. Amongst the many events planned, the School's Sail Training Vessel, Ocean Spirit of Moray, will be sailing around the British Isles in 80 days

Gordonstoun at the Fringe
Gordonstoun at the Fringe

Gordonstoun students will be taking two productions to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer - Avenue Q (School Edition) and The Cagebirds.

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