Members of Staff

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Mrs A Aalders
Music - Flute
Miss J Acheson
Junior School Assistant
Mrs R Asiabani
Ms H Atkins
Deputy Head Curriculum, Biology



Mr S Bailey
Physics, DofE Manage
Mr R J Baird
Housemaster Duffus House, Sports and Activities Co-ordinator
Mrs L Barron
Mrs K J Barton
Mathematics, Academic Co-ordinator
Mrs M J Bateman
Music - Singing
Ms C Beavan
 Housemistress Plewlands House, Chemistry
Mrs D Berrill
Head of Department Design Technology
Mrs G Black
Head of Department Media Studies, English
Ms J L Blackburn
Junior School, Year 8 Teacher
Mr C Blackmore
Sports Coach
Mr S L Brown
(Acting) Head of Department Business Studies, GA Co-ordinator
Ms N I Buchan
Assistant Housemistress Hopeman House, Sports Coach
Mrs V Burtt
Junior School, Year 6 Teacher


Mr S D Carter
Director of Studies, Head of Department Computing
Mr R Cavalcante
Music - Drum Kit
Mrs E J Cavaye
Head of Department Mathematics
Mr R A Cavaye
Business Studies and Economics, Sixth Form Co-ordinator
Dr P G Chatwin
Dr O W Choroba
Housemaster Round Square, Chemistry
Mr T S Clarke
Junior School, Geography, IT and PE
Mr C Collett
Mr C Cook
Design & Technology
Mrs K E Cook
Housemistress Windmill Lodge, Chemistry
Mr S M Cook
Head of Department Geography, Assistant DofE Manager
Mr A Csenki
Junior School, Music Co-ordinator
Mrs P Csenki
Junior School, Year 2/3 Teacher



Mrs S DaBell
Head of Department Dance
Mr S W DaBell
Head of Department Chemistry
Mr R Denyer
Year 10 Leader, Cricket Coach, Assistant Activities and Sports Co-ordinator, Junior School Sports Co-ordinator
Mrs H Denyer
Junior School, Head of Boarders, History
Ms E P Desmond
Assistant Housemistress Windmill Lodge, Sports Coach
Mr R D Devey
Deputy Head Pastoral Care, Physical Education
Mrs Y Dey
Junior School Matron
Miss A Dickinson
Year 11 Co-ordinator, Biology
Ms C Doree
Learning Support
Mr A Duffy
Assistant Housemaster Round Square, PE
Mr D L Dunlop
Assistant Housemaster Bruce House, Mathematics



Mr T W C Edge
Headmaster, History



Mlle C R Filliol
Head of Department Languages



Ms C F Gourlay
Music - Woodwind, Piano 
Dr R G Griffiths
English, Services Co-ordinator



Mrs A Hall
Matron Windmill Lodge
Mrs J Hargreaves
Matron Hopeman House
Mr T E Harvey
Assistant Housemaster Duffus House, Musician-in-Residence
Mrs C F C Henderson
Welfare and Child Protection Officer
Mr A A Hodge
Music - Piano
Mrs J Hopkirk
Junior School, Year 4 Teacher, Drama (Year 7 and Year 8)
Mr J Hoskins
Housemaster Gordonstoun House, Head of Department Drama
Ms F Hutchison





Ms M James
English, EAL
Dr G E Jenkins
Director of Music



Ms L Kerr
Mr S A Kirkwood
Mrs C Knight
Modern Languages
A Kramer
Music - Guitar



Ms S Langmuir
Matron Round Square
Dr F Lawrence
Year 9 Co-ordinator, Mathematics
Mrs D J Lawson-Johnston
Mrs H Lerner
Matron Plewlands House
Mr I L Lerner
Sail Training Co-ordinator
Mr A G Lyall
Physical Education, Development Co-ordinator



Ms B M MacAngus
Mrs C L MacGillivray
Director, Gordonstoun International Summer School 
Mrs C McCallum
Art, Director of Teaching and Learning
Mr D McCallum
Matron Gordonstoun House
Ms G McCrum
 Head of Department Biology
Ms V McGregor
Business Studies
Mr A McNeill
Housemaster Cumming House, Mathematics
Mrs L J McVean
Junior School, Mathematics
Mr R W McVean
Head of Junior School, Science
Ms S Melen
German (part-time)
Mrs G Millard
Matron Bruce House
Mr A L Monteith
Mrs D L Monteith
Housemistress Hopeman House, English, Scholarship Co-ordinator
Mrs K Morrison
Health Promotions Manager
Mr D J Morton
Head of Department Physical Education
Mrs S L Morton
Head of Sixth Form, Higher Education, Physical Education
Ms S A Mullan
Assistant Housemistress Plewlands House, Head of Department English



Ms C C Naud
Junior School, Day Pupils' Co-ordinator, French, Computing
Mrs S Neil
Music - Cello
Mr S Niven
Music - Drums



Mr S Oliphant
Music - Piping



Mr I Park
Outdoor Education Co-ordinator
Mrs L Paterson
International and Spiritual Citizenship
Mrs M Pereira Gill
Modern Languages
Mrs R A Piper
Junior School, Year 5 Teacher
Ms H Powell
Head of Learning Support
Mrs A C Prendergast
Junior School, Learning Support
Mr P Prendergast
Junior School Deputy Headmaster, Curriculum Co-ordinator, English, Outdoor Education





Ms J Reynolds
Mr P Richardson
Housemaster Bruce House, English
Mrs W Ritchie
Music - Brass



Mrs C Saville
Matron Cumming House
Mr P Schonken
Chaplain, Computing, International Co-ordinator
Mr A Sills
Mr I Smith
Mr J N Smith
Modern Languages
Mrs W Swail
Matron Duffus House



Ms C R Tatlow
Media Studies, English
Mr A Taylor
Junior School Assistant
Mrs A Tiddy
Head of Department History
Ms C Truslove
Music - Electric Guitar
Ms H Turner
Head of Department EAL





Mrs W Van Hoof
Head of Department Art
Mr J T Voller
Assistant Housemaster Gordonstoun House, PE



Mr C R Wilson
Assistant Housemaster Cumming House, Sports Facilities Manager, Head of Hockey
Mrs E M Wilson
Head of Department Learning Support
Ms Y Windsor
Assistant Child Protection Officer, Head of Science, Head of Department Physics
Mr R Wormald








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Active Revision
Gordonstoun Active Revision Course April 2018

The course delivers dynamic subject-specific sessions for the GCSE English Language, Mathematics and Science examinations, alongside a selection of active sessions requiring movement, skill and co-ordination.

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News from the Junior School - Week 1

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Inter-House Cross-Country Relays
Inter-House Cross-Country Relays

In the recent inter-House cross-country relay race 33 teams (132 teenagers) ran in a challenging event on a particularly cold afternoon,

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News from the Junior School - Week 14

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Winter Charity Ball
Winter Charity Ball

Last Saturday the Year 10s organised the annual Winter Ball, which was held in the Sixth Form Centre.

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