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OG Careers Day - Friday 30th October 2015


A wise Headmaster once said a school should be judged not solely by its fabric and infrastructure, nor by it examination results or even by its current crop of students, but by the quality of its end product – its old boys and girls. Thus the annual OG Careers day is an opportunity not only for the students of Gordonstoun to gain some invaluable careers advice, but to assess whether the school ethos is borne out in its alumni. Judging by the evidence on display at this event, we can be very confident that this is indeed the case.

In his introduction on the Gordonstoun Web page, Simon Reid explains that ‘the enduring uniqueness of Gordonstoun is its mission to promote and ensure the development of international citizens for the twenty-first century – and it provides a curriculum which ensures that this actually happens’.

‘The evidence for success is clear. You will find members of Gordonstoun ten years after they have left are invariably happy, successful and receptive to others and other communities. This is an education that caters for all types, treats them as individuals and considers what they can do for the world as well as what they may need from it’.

Here is a brief biography of the OGs who returned to school to take part in this event, meeting with all of the Y11 students in the afternoon and having Dinner with members of Y12 and Y13 later in the evening. The Gordonstoun students really enjoyed meeting and listening to their advice offered by the OGs, who in turn were enormously impressed by the warmth of welcome and by the maturity and enthusiasm of the boys and girls they met.


Tom Boland (Round Square '08)

Tom is a Planner at Universal McCann, the media arm of an international advertising agency. He works on a number of accounts (Tiffany, Zurich Insurance, H&M and others). As a planner, his role is on the more scientific side of advertising; conducting research on modern trends and human behaviours to build complete Advertising strategies for his clients. He studied Business and Management at the University of Exeter.


George Hill (Duffus ‘08)

George is a Subsea Technical Sales Engineer, working for Expro; a leading Oil & Gas services provider, primarily based in Aberdeen. In his day to day job George is in charge of pulling together Tenders and developing Expro’s subsea business to meet the bespoke requirements of Expro’s Global clients. Clients include, Shell, BP, ExxonMobil. George studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh.


Gareth Jones (Gordonstoun ‘07)

Gareth Jones is currently a member of the University of Oxford, and is conducting research into the early sounds of music and language on pre-natal infants. Gareth is also working with the Department of Education at the University of Durham, exploring children’s emotional responses to music; research due to be presented to the ISME Conference in Glasgow next July.
He began his career training as a primary school teacher, studying Education at the University of Durham and graduating with a First Class Honours. His dissertation on language rhythm acquisition in the womb, earned him a full scholarship to study Applied Linguistics at the University of Oxford. He has been offered a place in the Language Sciences Department at the University of Newcastle to continue his work.

Sarah Anderson (Hopeman ’07)

Sarah is a cancer epidemiologist at a pharmaceutical consulting firm in London. She studied public health for her Bachelor’s degree at the George Washington University in Washington DC and moved on to do her Master’s in epidemiology at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Sarah was inspired to become involved in public health by her involvement in the Gordonstoun Thailand Water project and has since worked in both India and Zambia.
Tamara Borzdin-Bidnall (Windmill ’05)

Tamara studied Visual & Material Culture with French at Kingston University before joining Sotheby's Auction House in their Human Resources team. She now works as a Human Resources Officer and is responsible for all entry-level recruitment for the specialist departments and provides advice to employees across the organisation.


Marc Waddington (Bruce’00)

Marc is Executive Editor at the Daily Post in Wales. He was previously Political Editor at the Liverpool Echo. In his current role, he is responsible for increasing audience growth to the newspaper's website and manages a team of around 20 staff. He studied English Literature at the University of Liverpool before training in journalism at the Press Association in Newcastle.
Camilla Staunton (Plewlands ’00)
Camilla left Gordonstoun and worked for Stirling Aykroyd in London. After being seen on Grand Designs some friends of hers from school invited her to work in Istanbul for 2 years in asset management. After the recession Camilla took a year out which ended up with her traveling with Paulo Coelho (author of the alchemist) running the caminos de Santiago and spending time in the Himalayas
. While on Everest (!) she decided to fight for climate change. After achieving a Masters from Heriot Watt University she set up a company which installed 17 wind turbines in Orkney Islands. She still owns and operates 2 of these. Currently she is working on her own property investments and owns a church and a self-catering portfolio and is in the process of buying a hotel in Nairn.

Stephan von Massenbach (Duffus '98)

Stephan is a Director at Modular FX Services, an independent analytics, information technology and advisory services business in the area of Foreign Exchange/financial markets. He set up the company together with a former colleague at the beginning of 2015 after working for J.P. Morgan and Lloyds Banking Group in a number of sales and trading management roles in financial markets. Stephan went to University College London, studying Economics and Statistics.


Claire MacGillivray (Windmill ‘85)

Claire has been involved in managing various aspects of supply chains for global FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) Companies. This includes managing production, procurement, planning and business continuity for multiple factory sites across the world, most recently with the Coca-Cola Corporation. She studied Economics at Heriot-Watt University. Clare takes up a new role as Director of the Gordonstoun Summer School at the end of this term.


Georgie Middleton (Hopeman ’78)

Georgie Middleton has worked in retail management, taught and coached from Primary to University level. She has studied law. She grew up in Africa and lived abroad after marrying a diplomat. After studying Classics at Oxford, she learnt Japanese and German through the Foreign Office. She is now a Work Place Chaplain and qualified Lay Reader. She is also the Chair of the Gordonstoun Association.




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