Round Square

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Round Square is Coming Full Circle

A historic, A-listed building, unique and rare in its own right, at the heart of Gordonstoun and its campus, the namesake and touchstone of a global education movement - Round Square will be transformed into a new educational space like no other for future generations of students and education scholars. 

Round Square *

Built in the second half of the 17th century, Round Square has had many uses over the centuries - initially built as a stable-block, since 1934 it has served as a boarding house.

Now, this unique structure will be refurbished and brought up to modern building and listed status standards.

This provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to powerfully re-purpose Round Square.

For the first time, Round Square will serve the entire school community whilst also reaffirming its place among educators as the epicentre of the global Round Square movement.



Key Project Features

• Dedicated education spaces for instruction in International and Spiritual Citizenship;
   re-affirming Gordonstoun’s commitment and leadership in this area of education.  

• Kurt Hahn’s work and vision will be featured in a new display study and archive centre
   the only one of its type in the world.

• 16 additional modern classrooms so that all senior pupils will be able to take core studies in this iconic building. 


Next Steps 


In order for this ambitious and important transformation to take place an additional £2.5 million is needed. The first steps in this project involve expanding modern boarding provision and thus prepare for the decanting of boarding spaces at Round Square.

We invite you to support us as we embark upon a globally significant project, and one of the most important in Gordonstoun’s history.  

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