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Life in the Junior School
Life in the Junior School
Life in the Junior School
Life in the Junior School
Life in the Junior School
Life in the Junior School

6 & 7 October 2018

for Autumn 2019 entry

At the Junior School, we take pride in the holistic approach to the education of our pupils. All of the children are stretched by exposure to a combination of academic, outdoor, cultural and sporting challenges offered as a fully integrated programme. We therefore welcome applications for Junior School Scholarships from candidates with skills in any one or more of these categories. All successful applicants will have shown good potential to contribute positively to this distinctive ethos and a positive contribution and commitment must be maintained throughout the pupil’s time at the School.

We operate a policy of open access, committed to educating young people from a range of aptitudes and backgrounds. We encourage applications from any young person who is capable of benefiting from a Gordonstoun education and who is committed to enhancing the life of the community. Pupils from any educational background may apply and, in particular, allowance is made for those boys and girls whose present school makes no provision to prepare candidates for the Scholarship examination.  

Age criteria

The Junior School takes boys and girls starting at age 6 into Year 2 to those who are 12 years into Year 8.  From September 2019 we will offer places in Year 1; please contact the Admissions office if you are interested in a Year 1 place.  There is some flexibility up and down a year group depending on what is right for each child.

Year 2             age 6 by August 31
Year 3             age 7
Year 4             age 8
Year 5             age 9
Year 6             age 10
Year 7             age 11
Year 8             age 12

The Autumn Taster weekend is for any child wishing to apply for a Junior School place as well as those who wish to sit for a Scholarship Award.

Scholarships are available for children entering Year 4 and above.

Scholarships awarded to children entering Year 4 to Year 6 will  continue for the child’s time in the Junior School only (after which they may apply for Senior School scholarship in the normal way).  Scholarships awarded to children entering Year 7 and Year 8 continue through to the Senior School. The only exception to this is the Neil Wylie Music scholarship which is not carried over. 

Internal candidates can sit scholarship exams at any of the annual opportunities although it is recommended that parents have a discussion with the School before re-presenting a child who has previously been unsuccessful in a scholarship assessment. 

Selection process

All candidates will be asked to sit papers in Mathematics, English and to complete a Non Verbal Reasoning Questionnaire (NVRQ). In addition all the candidates will have an informal interview with the Head of the Junior School and are gently assessed over the weekend.

Categories of Award

There are three categories of Scholarship Award at the Junior School:

The Academic Scholarship Award is designed for children who are currently doing very well at School and who can demonstrate a high level of ability and potential in both numeric and language skills. 

The All-Round Scholarship is awarded to children who possess clear all-round strengths.  They should be able to demonstrate academic competence in addition to real potential in other spheres, particularly sporting and creative. 

Neil Wylie Memorial Scholarship for Music
In offering the Neil Wylie Memorial Scholarship Award for Music, the School is looking for children who show both potential as instrumentalists and a genuine enthusiasm for music. Candidates are required to qualify for admission to the School through the normal assessment procedure. The normal value of the Neil Wylie Memorial Scholarship is £1,500 per annum and free tuition in one instrument. This award does not carry on into the Senior School.

The Value of Awards

The value of a Scholarship is a 10% reduction of the appropriate fee. This may be augmented via a means tested application for further financial assistance.

Parents or guardians who need to apply for a means-tested bursary should request a form from the Fees Administrator by emailing or by telephoning +44 (0)1343 837914. The deadline for returning means testing forms is Sunday 7 October 2018.  Later applications will not be considered.

Application for Places

Applicants for places only will also be assessed in Mathematics, English and an NVRQ. These assessments are very gentle and designed to be accessible for the full range of ages and abilities. At this stage we are very much in the process of boosting confidence whilst at the same time gaining additional information about each child’s interests and abilities.

The scholarship date for 2019/20 entry is 6 & 7 October 2018. The closing date for applications is Friday 21 September.

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Further information is available from the Admissions Office:

Telephone :01343 837829

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