The Campaign for Gordonstoun

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The Campaign for Gordonstoun

Giving at Gordonstoun happens every day

From the camaraderie and care shown amongst students – to the practical support given to the local community – to the determined resolve to act globally in our convictions – giving has always been core at Gordonstoun.

What makes Gordonstoun exceptional stems partly from its unique environs – a stunning natural landscape and importantly, a historic one. Some of the buildings which have served the School so well are now in need of help. With this need brings opportunity – a chance to renew, re-purpose, and create new spaces to serve pupils today and into the future.

Planning has begun to transform the physical heart of the school, Round Square. This historic building will become a place for learning and will be powerfully re-purposed to provide access to a significant archive dedicated to Kurt Hahn, celebrating his momentous and continuing contribution to modern education. Before this begins, however, new and enhanced boarding provision is needed at Duffus and Cumming Houses.

But buildings are only part of the story. The Campaign for Gordonstoun must also build vital funds for the future. The Kurt Hahn Foundation and its members are already pledging legacy gifts – crucial funds for a school that in reality has few endowments. We must also continue to work and build upon our scholarship and bursary fund so that talented young people, who may not be able to pay full school fees, may come to Gordonstoun.

Gordonstoun offers exceptional and life changing experiences for its pupils. By supporting The Campaign for Gordonstoun you will be helping to ensure that what makes Gordonstoun so extraordinary continues for generations of young people to come.

Please join us.

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