The arts

Our richly varied curriculum encourages every child to take up a musical instrument and to sing in one of Gordonstoun Junior School's three choirs.

This helps build self-confidence, self-motivation and self-discipline. It also improves social and fine motor skills and develops a life-long love and talent for music. Pupils enjoy the opportunities of experiencing jazz, rock, traditional and orchestral music and many will go on to play in our pipe band, award-winning concert band or even one of the school’s two rock bands. Every level of talent, confidence, interest and ability is catered for through a wide range of instruments and opportunities. Our Junior School musicians have recently ventured abroad to perform in Madrid, Oslo and Amsterdam. Almost every child in the school learns at least one musical instrument.

We also stage a series of dance and drama productions as part of the academic curriculum. Recent musicals have included Bugsy Malone, Annie, The Lion King and Alice in Wonderland. These ensemble shows give all pupils the opportunity to take to the stage and experience Ogstoun Theatre, Gordonstoun’s state of the art Performing Arts Centre.

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