The Gordonstoun American Foundation

Keeping in touch with our American family.

The Gordonstoun American Foundation works to keep Gordonstoun’s American friends and family in touch with the School. It is also a 501 (c)(3) ‘not for profit’ Foundation through which Americans can make tax deductible contributions to Gordonstoun should they so wish.

The Foundation’s mission is to:

  • Foster awareness of Gordonstoun in the US
  • Encourage alumni, students and parents to stay connected to each other and to the School
  • Raise funds and grant scholarships/bursaries to help US students to study at Gordonstoun International Summer School
  • Assist capital projects at the School

The Gordonstoun American Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, who meet twice a year in the US and oversee links between the School and its US alumni. The GAF Board is responsible for organising events, reunions and fundraisers, and is a volunteer body composed of US alumni and current Gordonstoun Board members.

The scholarships awarded by the GAF enable between one and three US students, per year, to attend the prestigious Gordonstoun International Summer School, which runs in July and August each year at Gordonstoun. News of recent GAF scholars can be found here. Those wishing to apply for a Scholarship should contact Andrew Lyall, Secretary of the Gordonstoun American Foundation via

An annual newsletter, detailing events over the previous twelve months, is circulated to all members of Gordonstoun’s American network.