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The role of a school is not only to prepare you for exams, it's to prepare you for life.

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Why Gordonstoun?

Gordonstoun is one of the UK’s top independent schools for boarding and day pupils aged 4 ½ to 18. Gordonstoun has been the world leader in character education for over 80 years and was the birthplace of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Our school was described as ‘outstanding’ and ‘sector-leading’ in its most recent inspection and was voted the best boarding school in the UK in 2021.

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'Boarding School of the Year - 2021'

Independent Schools of the Year Awards

'Outstanding’ and ‘Sector leading'

HM Inspectors 2019 Education Scotland

'The Original Holistic Education'

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Plus Est En Vous - There Is More In You Kurt Hahn, Founder of Gordonstoun

Our Core Values

Teamwork is a cornerstone of life here at Gordonstoun. Each student develops the confidence to rise to challenges. By learning how to plan, negotiate, compromise and consider, they develop the ability to work together for the good of everyone. And that’s how leaders are made.

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Today’s children will be responsible for shaping the future of the world, which is why we encourage them to look out for others – whether they are in their team, class, form or dorm. By stepping up to the challenges that responsibility brings, students leave Gordonstoun ready to become capable, confident members of a diverse and vibrant global community.

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Our school motto - ‘Plus est en vous’ - means ‘There is more in you’ and sums up the importance we put in self-belief. This confidence helps pupils recover quickly from disappointment and gives them the resilience to turn it into success. Whether the challenges are academic, emotional or physical, Gordonstoun students learn to leap hurdles.

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There’s no secret to what we do: it’s simply world-class teaching and lots of hard work. Our broad curriculum gives every child the chance to explore what’s important to them and to find out where they excel. By giving students new experiences, their understanding of their skills grows - as does their potential to scale new heights of achievement.

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Gordonstoun students understand the importance of putting the needs of others ahead of their own. Service to the community is one of our founding principles and every senior student assists one of the School’s nine community and rescue services. This develops a sense of social responsibility and compassion towards people from all walks of life. Our students give up their own time for the benefit of others, without expectation of return or reward.

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Gordonstoun is a multi-cultural community with a global perspective and is a welcoming home to children from all over the world. We have designed our curriculum to instil an understanding and respect for different backgrounds and values – both broadening our students’ knowledge and their horizons.

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Everything we do here at Gordonstoun helps students discover the rewards of being kind, considerate and compassionate towards their fellow pupils, whether in the classroom or up a mountain. We know that developing tolerance, understanding and compassion are essential parts of living in a happy, vibrant and caring multicultural society.

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