Can Joe Wicks boost your grades?

Active Revision Course Director, Kate Gibson, explains how exercise can boost exam grades.

Until this year Joe Wicks had less than a million followers but during lockdown, people everywhere took up daily exercise at home and his followers reached 4 million. We realised the importance of a healthy body in order to keep a healthy mind during times of great stress.

Gordonstoun has been preaching this mantra on its Active Revision Course since 2018. With a holistic programme designed to attack revision from all angles, supporting and boosting the brains of the students (and teachers) with a wonderful healthy menu scattered with salmon, avocado and blueberries, and an activity schedule which includes yoga, wall climbing and even bushcraft.

We know from neuroscience that exercise speeds up brain functioning. If you’ve been out for a run, your reading speed and comprehension goes up by twenty percent. So you have to attack revision from all angles and make sure that your whole body contributes.

Nearly all students who take our course achieve at least one grade higher in their exams, with 60% achieving two grades higher. Parents also comment on an improvement in the general wellbeing of their children.

Even if you don’t join the course, you can use these techniques at home. Everyday, do something aerobic which you enjoy to get your heart pumping and remember to schedule in mindfulness activities to calm your body and mind. Learning to manage your stress now means you will have better chance of conquering it in future, whether that is because you’re facing a global pandemic or an exam.

For more info or to sign up for GCSE and A level revision this Easter Holiday (10-16 April) please contact Kate Gibson on or visit the Active Revision website