Outdoor & Adventure Learning

by Ibrahim Park (Outdoor Education and Learning Coordinator)

It’s been an immensely busy and exciting start to the term in the Outdoor & Adventure Learning Department. Being blessed with glorious spring weather has certainly helped us make the most of our stunning and varied surrounds and has added to the huge smiles across everyone’s faces.

Students across both the Junior and Senior Schools have had an array of exciting, fun and developmental outdoor and adventure learning opportunities and experiences. Sea kayaking on the Moray Firth, rock climbing on sea cliffs and mountain crags, mountain biking through beautiful forests, open canoeing on the school lake, swimming, sliding and jumping in cold mountain water while descending a gorge, abseiling into caves, sailing a variety of different types of boats, building shelters and lighting fires, sit on top kayaking in Hopeman Harbour and setting up and experiencing Tyrolean traverses are just some of the things the students have been getting up to in the first few weeks of the Summer Term.