Goodbye Year 13!

Two students from Year 13, Mayon W and Sofiia M, reflect on their time at Gordonstoun, and the influence it has had as they prepare for their next adventures.

Mayon W, Round Square Year 13

When I joined at the start of Year 12, slightly nervous but very excited, I had no idea what life had in store for me for the next two years. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been present for a large part of this time, it has, if anything, made my Gordonstoun experience richer and more challenging - all of this, of course with all the strong friendships I’ve made and with Round Square as my home away from home.

STVs and Expeds are definitely some of the highlights of my time at Gordonstoun, along with the various productions and shows that I have been part of. Classes, obviously, are a huge part of school life, and I know I have definitely had some very interesting and informative ones. Being part of the Dialogue Society for the most part of two years has been an amazing experience which I have learnt a lot from. Another memorable period is my term as Guardian - probably the busiest term in my entire school life but definitely the best!

As I write this, I am preparing for the next stage in my life - across the Atlantic studying Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. I will be sad when I finally leave Gordonstoun (I would happily spend another year here!) but, to quote the crème de la crème of clichés, change is the only constant, so farewell and good fortune to you Gordonstoun - I know we will meet again!

Sofiia M, Plewlands House Year 13

Joining Gordonstoun in Y11 was a big challenge for me as this was my first time being at a boarding school. I believe that becoming part of this multicultural community was a brave step towards developing myself as a character.

The ideology of a boarding school being intimidating and frightening quickly disappeared when I was welcomed by the lovely staff and friendly students of Plewlands house. It doesn't matter where you’re from, Gordostoun has a way of making you feel at home, which boosts the sense of family within this large campus.

The most memorable moment of my time here at Gordonstoun was introductions to new Scottish traditions such as reels, Burns’ night or Highland games in which everyone could participate. Even though the lockdown hindered the full experience of Y13 and we didn’t get to enjoy these events, the school did an amazing job at keeping all of us in contact through online learning.

Here I am, cherishing the last few weeks of my final year and spending them with my dearest friends. Along with these long-lasting friendships I’ve also acquired a lot of vital skills such as self-sophistication, leadership, compassion. These will help me to begin a new path at the university of St. Andrews and perhaps to pursue a career in neuroscience.