Reflections on online learning at Gordonstoun

Two senior students reflect on their online learning experience at Gordonstoun during lockdown.

Johannes, Hopeman Year 11

“ Going into online learning, I was sceptical and nervous, especially having come back from exchange. I found it really difficult to adjust to online learning, but my teachers worked really hard to support me and make sure I was getting the best out of my classes.

To supplement lessons, we were given extensive resources in the MyGordonstounLife website and encouraged to use them. As someone interested in studying law, the extracurricular activities offered like debating were invaluable.

When it came around to online learning for the second time, I faced it with much more positivity. It’s much easier to learn with our cameras on because it’s more open and friendly. I can see my friends, and our teachers have more of a sense of how much we understand.

The new two-hour lunch break gives me ample time away from screens with my family before returning to my work. It’s not the same as being back at school, and I can’t wait to get back for the summer term - exped is a real highlight for me - but I feel really lucky that my teachers have put in so much effort to make online learning such a positive experience.”

Johannes, Round Square Year 10

“ At the beginning of online learning I was a bit worried that I would have a lot of problems, because I’ve never had online lessons before. But the teachers and my tutor explained everything very well and helped me a lot to adapt to the new way of learning. Sometimes I don’t like having to wake up every day so early, but I think it is pretty useful to have a structured week with online lessons, when you need to stay at home the whole time.

I'm also very glad that we have a two hour lunch break, because I have enough time to cook something and go outside to get some fresh air before the next lesson starts. It helps me a lot to get fresh air since we sometimes do online learning until 6pm. During the break I often go running, because I like to do exercises after I've sat the entire morning on a chair.

This is also the reason why I enjoy PE lessons the most. It feels good to do some activity instead of sitting on a chair. After the online lessons I always go outside to meet some friends, because we don't have as many opportunities to socialise as we do when we’re at school.“