The Addams Family Senior Production

We caught up with one of the lead cast members Sharad R, Year 13 Guardian (Head Boy), to share his highlights about playing Gomez and his experience as a drama student at Gordonstoun.  You can also watch Sharad's 'Behind The Scenes' vlogs about The Addams Family Senior production!

Interview with Sharad R, Year 13 Guardian (Head Boy)

  • First of all, can you tell us a bit more about The Addams Family School Production and what makes the play, cast and drama department at Gordonstoun so special?

The enthusiasm for the production was there from the first time that Mrs. Paterson played the Addams Family theme and revealed that it would be our Autumn Term musical. I looked into the play and watched a production of it on YouTube. The excitement I had to play a part in bringing this story to life was immeasurable. That feeling was shared by the cast and especially the school’s drama department. The passion they have for the art form was contagious and it had everyone eager to put on a show for all the ages!

  • What is the most exciting part in playing Gomez in the school play?

Gomez is truly a larger than life, animated and expressional character; a description that had me hooked on the character because there was no such thing as ‘too much’, you could always take Gomez one step further and that was the most exciting part about him!

  • What did you look to while prepping for Gomez?

Before this production, I was unfamiliar with the Addams Family as a whole, so I was sure to do my due diligence and figure out what made Gomez Addams tick. I was in a fortunate position when crafting my take on Gomez as there have been many talented actors that have put on the persona of Gomez before me, so I had a lot to look at and be inspired by.

After getting a rough idea of the character, I took a backseat on researching the character and others’ renditions of it; to give myself the time to really explore and become my own Gomez.

  • What is your favourite Gomez scene or moment in the play?

Initially, I found this to be a hard question. However, now that I can look back at the performance, the moment is clear. Late into the 2nd act, Gomez has made amends with everyone apart from the person he holds most dear, his wife. The scene involves a hilarious exchange between Gomez and the silent but emotive Lurch as it moves into my personal favourite song to perform, “Not Today”, a song filled with passion, emotion and character; all of which sum up Gomez!

  • Describe why you love acting and your experience as a drama student at Gordonstoun?

I feel like it boils down to self-expression, it may seem slightly ironic because it’s not myself that I’m portraying. However, there’s just something about it, that feeling when you step on stage and you’re in someone else’s shoes; experiencing the world from their eyes and you haven’t got any worries of the real world holding you down. It’s freeing and an experience I believe everyone should have at some point in their life.

Like most things in life, it’s made even better when you’re surrounded by like-minded people who share your passion and that’s exactly what it’s like being a drama student in a school with a phenomenal drama department

  • What do you think you have got or learned from this whole experience?

This whole experience has reinforced my love for acting, it’s what I’m most passionate for and would love to turn into a career.

Playing Gomez was the biggest and most interesting role I’ve ever been given. I made sure to make the most of this fantastic opportunity of playing this expressive character in an extremely entertaining play by being meticulous and going granular in the details to make this character memorable and my own. In my eyes, the time I took in building this character, his mannerisms and understanding his thoughts were the aspects which really took my performance to the next level.

This process has proved to be so useful and quite necessary if I do want to feel prepared and completely fulfilled with my performance. There is no doubt in my mind that it will be something I make sure to do in all future performances of mine!

  • And last but not least what do you love the most about Gordonstoun?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times; it has to be the opportunities.

One moment I could be on stage bringing to life a lavish, lustful Latino caricature and next moment I could be at the helm of Ocean Spirit on a Sail Training Voyage. The opportunities that Gordonstoun offers are vast and it’s quite amazing that one school could offer its students so many opportunities, catering to people of all walks of life but that’s what makes Gordonstoun so special and I am truly privileged to be a student here.