The Joy of online learning

By Lorraine Davidson, Gordonstoun Communications Director

The online start to the term was not the one any of us were expecting and it challenged staff, students and parents to adapt to a completely new way of learning virtually overnight. There are undoubtedly things we could all have done better but it has been extremely encouraging to see the way the Gordonstoun community has pulled together and responded to the educational and pastoral challenges of life in lockdown.

Gordonstoun parent Clare Cotton recently spoke to the Times newspaper about her positive experience of seeing how her 10 year old son Seth, 14 year old daughter Florence and their friends have embraced the digital learning revolution.

* Picture of Seth Cotton and fellow Gordonstoun student Lisa.

Clare says the online learning experience at Gordonstoun is going better than she had dared hope it would.

She said: “My husband Simon and I were reflecting on what it is about Gordonstoun online learning that has made it successful. We have concluded it isn’t only the fact the quality of the experience has been high. It is also because our children and their friends are organised and motivated learners. That’s down to the rounded educational experience they have had at Gordonstoun before this situation arose.”

“We are really lucky that, because of their school experience, the children are really engaged with their work and the school community in general. For Florence and Seth it has felt in many ways like a normal school routine. The pastoral support and the broader curriculum has energised the children and provided a healthy balance during what a stressful period for everyone.”

Clare added: “Another Gordonstoun pupil Lisa, who has been staying with us since the Easter holidays, has been exceptionally well supported through the experience of her GCSEs being cancelled. She is already working hard towards her A level work, so we feel it’s a great start for next year.

“We have friends with children at other schools whose children aren’t receiving the same level of support, so we are just incredibly pleased that our children are benefiting hugely during this difficult period”

The article was published “in the Times newspaper” here