A Royal Springboard

By Rabana S, a Year 13 student at Gordonstoun

We are proud to work with The Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation which delivers life-changing educational opportunities at leading schools for children whose personal circumstances are challenging and who would benefit the most from the experience.

This term, Year 13 student Rabana S (pictured above, bottom left ) took part in a Springboard Foundation webinar with HRH The Princess Royal. Rabana reflects on what it was like to take part in this inspiring event.

"Hi! My name is Rabana and I'm currently a year 13 student. I had the opportunity to attend this amazing boarding school through the Springboard Programme. I'm enjoying my time and having the best and most memorable experiences. I came to be on Springboard because of my past experiences and home life issues which affected my learning a lot. This led to me having to move house and schools. I was then offered the chance to be able to go to Gordonstoun so I worked really hard to get the grades I needed to gain entry. Now, a little over a year later, I took part in the Royal Springboard event.

The Royal Springboard event was an incredible experience. I was on a panel alongside two other alumni and Her Royal Highness Princess Anne! We were interviewed by the BBC interviewer Mishal Hussain and we had a really good conversation talking about our backgrounds, experiences, challenges we faced/may still face and plans we have for our future. Princess Anne is very fond of the work Springboard does and was part of the discussion about ‘widening access to bursaries in the context of Covid-19’.I enjoyed talking to her a little prior to the event. We spoke about Gordonstoun as she is familiar with the school having sent her children here. She is an amazing person and it was truly a memorable event. We were also able to express how grateful we were to be on the programme and how it would be amazing for more people to have this opportunity."