The Gordonstoun community is on active service for things which are more important than Gordonstoun. Kurt Hahn, Founder of Gordonstoun

We believe it is very important students are willing to put the needs of others ahead of their own. That is why service to the community is one of the founding principles of education at Gordonstoun. Every senior student has to become a member of one of the School’s nine community and rescue services (Fire Service, First Aid, Coastguard Rescue Team, Conservation, Technical Support, Community Action, Outdoor Leadership, Pool Lifeguards, Sports Service).

This develops a sense of social responsibility and compassion towards people from all walks of life. Students give up their own time for the benefit of others, without expectation of return or reward. Junior School students play their part too by cleaning local beaches, playing music in old people’s homes and raising money for local charities. We also run international service projects in Kenya, Romania and Thailand, giving students the opportunity to help and work alongside people from different cultures.

All young people speak positively and enthusiastically about the extensive range of opportunities available to them at the school. HM Inspectors, 2019 - Education Scotland

"I chose to join the outdoor leadership service to learn new skills, to help others and to have fun while doing it. I find being a member of this service rewarding on all of these levels, and do what I can to get the most of the opportunities it gives me. "
"By the time I worked out what I wanted to do in the field of humanitarian aid and development, the whole ‘community service’ ethos of Gordonstoun started to seem very relevant and I couldn’t do the job I do now without relishing a challenge and enjoying working in and relying on close-knit teams. " Matthew Hollingworth, United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Country Director in Sudan
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