Gordonstoun, part of the MOD family

At Gordonstoun, we understand that service needs come first, and we understand exactly how challenging that can be for MOD families, particularly when it comes to the disruption of a child’s education, with frequent changes in location due to postings and the movement between different national, and international, curriculums.

As one of the few full boarding, independent schools left in the UK, we offer a broad curriculum to ensure all our students are exposed to a wide range of experiences, which are aimed at developing character and resilience, whilst preparing them for exam success.

Our founder, Kurt Hahn, believed in an education centred around service to others, and today our students enrol in services as part of their Gordonstoun education, including the Fire Service, Coastguards, Conservation, Community Service. Our dedication to service is one of the many ways in which our world-leading school is set apart from others, and one of the reasons military families choose Gordonstoun.

Recently commended as sector-leading in pastoral care by inspectors, our Gordonstoun team are uniquely equipped to care for your child and help them navigate the challenges that may be presented, uniquely, to children of military and FCDO families.

Whilst you might like a Gordonstoun education for your child but don’t think you can afford it, reassuringly a full boarding place at Gordonstoun starts from less than £7000 per year (aged dependent) for families in receipt of the MOD’s CEA, and the all inclusive nature of our curriculum means it is incredible value too.

For families not eligible for CEA, Gordonstoun offers a 10% discount on fees to all full time, regular members of the UK Armed Forces, means tested and service specific bursaries.

For further information, please contact the Admissions Team at admissions@gordonstoun.org.uk

In the meantime, why not get to know us better by joining us for a Virtual Taste of Gordonstoun Webinar?