All young people need the opportunity of proving themselves to themselves and education must provide such opportunities. Kurt Hahn, Founder of Gordonstoun

At Gordonstoun we are committed to helping every student reach the pinnacle of their academic potential . There’s no secret to what we do: it’s simply world-class teaching and lots of hard work. That’s why inspectors from Education Scotland described our academic success as an ‘important strength’ and noted that staff ‘have a relentless drive to ensure that each young person achieves their full potential’.

We focus on each student’s personal academic goals and targets, understanding their strengths and abilities to help them discover the truth in our motto ‘Plus est en vous’ (There is more in you). Our broad curriculum gives every child the chance to explore what’s important to them, to find out what they excel at. By giving students new experiences, their understanding of themselves and what they are capable of grows along with their sense of achievement.

"At Gordonstoun you can achieve things, no matter who you are or where you come from. It can be for anything: sport, academics, outdoor education or in music and drama, you just have to work hard for it. "
"Gordonstoun was a fabulous opportunity for me. I had so many wonderful experiences and really felt ready to take on the world when I left. I was presented with a number of challenges, not least my four A-Levels, but with first-class academic teaching I was supported every step of the way. " Commander Catherine Jordan, Naval Aviator and Ship Commanding Officer
Why Gordonstoun?