Make young people meet with triumph and defeat. Kurt Hahn, Founder of Gordonstoun

Resilience is learned through challenge, whether on the hockey pitch, the ocean or the stage. It is summed up in the Gordonstoun motto ‘Plus est en Vous’ – ‘There is more in you’. By embracing new experiences students understand just how much they are capable of.

They need to withstand disappointment and have the resilience to turn it into success. Whether the challenges are academic, emotional or physical, Gordonstoun students learn they can overcome any hurdle.

The extensive range of opportunities for personal achievements in the senior school, as part of the Gordonstoun broader curriculum, is outstanding HM Inspectors, 2019 - Education Scotland

"I have a fear of deep water so the idea of being on a boat in the middle of the ocean had me petrified, to say the least. Now I have sailed two times with school and have earned my sea legs. Sailing has helped me to achieve things I never could have dreamed of and when I was aboard the boat, stood at the helm with fingers and toes numb, the wind, snow and rain pelting down I felt invincible. I was on top of the world. "
"From Gordonstoun, I gained resilience. I was incredibly lucky to win an academic scholarship and I do feel that it was the making of me on many levels. Gordonstoun helped me to learn that with a little resilience, life is very bright. " Ryckie Wade, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Speciality Training Registrar and Academic Clinical Fellow, Leeds Teaching Hospitals
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