Nobody is allowed to be a passenger, everyone belongs to the ship's crew. Kurt Hahn, Founder of Gordonstoun

Teamwork builds self-awareness and respect for others. It is a cornerstone of life here at Gordonstoun and extends far beyond the boundaries of our expansive playing fields. Encouraging students to work together achieves better results for everyone, both inside and outside the classroom. Each child develops the confidence to rise to challenges wherever they find themselves, whether tackling a difficult equation, tricky mountain or choppy ocean.

They develop the capacity to plan, negotiate, compromise and consider, to take orders and follow them, to make suggestions and follow those too. And in doing all this they also learn invaluable leadership skills.

"Being at Gordonstoun has helped me boost my confidence, I would never have had the courage to socialize as often or meet new people of different backgrounds, but I have now many many new friends, including some who are several years older than me. Although it seems clich├ęd, House expeds and seamanship have really changed my life, increasing my endurance, stamina and team building. "
"It was the breadth of my experiences at Gordonstoun that taught me about the importance of teamwork, taking opportunities when they present themselves and drawing on the support of the people around you. " Heather Stanning, Olympic and World Gold Medalist, rowing
Why Gordonstoun?