The young person growing up in brotherhood with foreigners cannot help but learn to care about the rights and the happiness of at least one other nation. Kurt Hahn, Founder of Gordonstoun

The world is not only at our students’ feet, it is all around them here at Gordonstoun. One of our fundamental aims at Gordonstoun is to give students a global perspective. It starts when they join a culturally diverse community of students from over forty nationalities. Internationalism is reinforced through the academic curriculum which includes a specially designed course in International and Spiritual Citizenship (ISC).

This course covers topics such as spiritual development, health education, environmental issues and life skills in an international context. Working with classmates from different backgrounds and values helps our students develop acceptance, understanding and tolerance. There are also many opportunities for senior students to experience life abroad either through Round Square, international exchange or international service projects.

"America, Africa, India and different parts of Europe. One never knows where one will end up, but it is good to know that Gordonstoun gives you the opportunity to forge new friendships with people from many different countries whether in China or anywhere else in the world, I will always have friends! "
"My current work in international development, specifically using behavioural insights for social impact requires a great appreciation for different cultures. It was through my diverse group of friends at Gordonstoun - living, and going on expeditions together - that shaped the foundations of becoming an international citizen. " Vanezza Zabert, Behavioural Scientist and Lecturer Managing for Social Impact at ESCP Europe
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