The foremost task of education is to ensure the survival of these qualities: an enterprising curiosity; tenacity in pursuit; readiness for sensible self-denial; and above all, compassion Kurt Hahn, Founder of Gordonstoun

Compassion is not taught. It is learned. Everything we do here at Gordonstoun helps students discover the rewards of being kind, considerate and compassionate towards their classmates, whether in the classroom or on a mountain.

Older students have many opportunities to look after new and younger pupils. All students are also encouraged to help the school and wider community. As a private school that welcomes children from all parts of the world, we know that developing tolerance, understanding and compassion are essential parts of living in a happy, vibrant and caring multicultural society.

The positive, caring, family ethos of Gordonstoun School promotes a sense of trust, respect and kindness for all. HM Inspectors, 2019 - Education Scotland

"On my first day at Gordonstoun I was scared and nervous, not knowing anyone and coming from state school to such a different environment was daunting. I was shown huge amounts of compassion which helped me settle, to this day I try to give back that same compassion I received to others. "
"I firmly believe that my capacity to empathise with and understand other people – to be compassionate - has been informed profoundly by my experience at Gordonstoun – as every new experience (and there were so many of them) required me to adjust my view of the people I experienced them with and, crucially, of myself. " Tessa Gibbs, Radio and Television Writer and Playwright
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